Photography celebrates the capacity of humans to open themselves up to one another. Whether in the sly smile of a stranger on the streets of Nebraska, or in the quiet pride in the eyes of a mother in Guatemala, the images captured through my lens have the power to act as conduits of emotion, vulnerability, and compassion between photographer, subject, and viewer.

My photography is a social practice and an intensely personal record -- fleeting moments of vulnerability and intimacy shared between strangers are crystallized into lenses that encourage viewers to reflect on the power structures of society and the marks they leave on communities and individuals. 

As an artist, a student, and a humanist, I am driven by a desire to engage people and to forge connections. My aim as an artist is to not only connect individuals, but entire communities with humility, empathy, and inclusiveness that is informed by my own personal struggles, while also working with my fellow peers to enrich the community by crossing societal boundaries.